Old, damaged garage floors are never fun to look it. It leaves an impression on home visitors, and decreases the value towards residential and commercial properties. Filing the cracks and covering up the damage with other items in the garage is a short term, temporary fix. Not only that, but damage on a garage floor could become a more serious issue if it is not taken seriously. It makes the most sense to address the issue and fix it.

Think about your garage as a whole. What gets the most exposure to the harsh elements from Wisconsin's four seasons? Salt, dirt, oil, acid spills and other harmful substances all have the potential to damage and stain your garage floor. Not only that, think of all the heavy duty equipment like cars, boats, campers, etc that have the potential to chip, crack, and damage the floor. 

If you find yourself at the point where you are tired of your old, cracked, and beaten garage floor, GI Concrete is your best option place to either replace or add new concrete into your garage.

From residential to commercial projects, the G.I. Concrete team offers concrete services for both new and existing garages. Foundations and slabs can be installed for a garage of any size be it for your home or business.

This process can be as exciting as you'd like it to be. Aesthetically pleasing options are available for your garage with G.I. Concrete's wide range of sealers, colors, and stamping options. If want to transform your garage, or greatly increase the value of your property, new concrete with fresh sealer, stamp, and color options is the best way to go. 

G.I. Concrete is the premier concrete provider in Southeastern Wisconsin, including Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, and beyond. Whatever your dream, G.I. Concrete can make it happen.

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